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Part of the fun of astronomy is going places to see something you can’t see from home. We at Sky & Telescope have a passion for astronomy, and we want to share it with you in as many ways as possible — including bringing you with us on adventures around the world!

Sometimes we board a ship or fly to Africa to see a solar eclipse. Other times we travel to polar countries to see the Northern Lights. “Exciting destinations” isn’t just a buzz word when it comes to astronomy travel, because our aim is to take you to destinations that are thrilling both above and below the sky line. Here you’ll find information on our current vacation packages. Each trip has a Sky & Telescope editor traveling with you to answer your astronomy questions and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Listed below are summaries for upcoming Sky & Telescope tours. Click on a tour's headline for itineraries, prices, and other information.

Clear skies and happy travels!

Finland Northern Lights Tour, March 2019

© Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort / Valtteri Hirvonen

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see the shimmering Northern Lights dancing overhead? To find out, join Sky & Telescope’s Observing Editor Diana Hannikainen on a journey above the Arctic Circle deep in Finnish Lapland for a Northern Lights tour.

The trip kicks off with a couple of days in Finland’s capital city, Helsinki, where among other things you will see unique architecture, Finland’s own brand of Jugendstil known as the National Romantic style. You will then have the opportunity to explore the ruggedness of Finnish Lapland, learn all about the local Sámi culture, and enjoy a sauna the traditional, Finnish way. Reindeer sleigh rides and husky safaris as well as a visit to Santa Claus's lair are all in the program. But all of this is just added bonus — on clear spring nights, there is a good chance of witnessing the Northern Lights.

Want to know more? View our itinerary.


Flight into Totality, July 2019

Latam A320 aircraft

Latam Airlines

Did you know there’s a way to virtually guarantee that you’ll see totality on July 2, 2019? Sky & Telescope's editors have partnered with Latam Airlines to provide a chartered flight into the eclipse path off the coast of Chile. From the vantage point of an A320 aircraft flying 37,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, you’ll be high above any clouds that might lurk below.

Even better, you’ll see the eclipsed Sun in remarkable, jaw-dropping ways — the sky will be darker, the air thinner, and the corona more striking than is possible from the ground. You’ll be captivated as the Moon’s shadow overtakes the plane at supersonic speed. It's a "big picture" perspective that you'll never forget.

Click here for more details about this amazing eclipse-viewing opportunity and a link to the online reservations page.

Total Solar Eclipse & Southern Stargazing Tour, July 2019

Totality on August 21, 2017

Sky & Telescope / Sean Walker

Did you witness the total solar eclipse in August 2017? Are you one of the millions of onlookers who are eagerly awaiting the next one? Your next chance to stand in the Moon's shadow will be here before you know it — on July 2, 2019. What better way to see totality in 2019 than to join Sky & Telescope's total solar eclipse tour in Chile? You'll be able to view this much-anticipated event inland from the Pacific Coast, where the climate predictions are very favorable.

Better yet, you'll get to view the eclipse while being pampered at the only 5-star property positioned in the path of totality. Our tour's carefully chosen viewing site, Casa Molle Villa & Golf, is a brand-new resort situated in the lush and picturesque Elqui Valley. This exclusive venue, nestled along the river, provides excellent viewing prospects for the eclipse. You can choose from two main tours, as well as an optional extension to the Atacama Desert — check out their itineraries.


African Stargazing Safari in Botswana, July 2019

Stargazing and Safari Tour with Sky & Telescope

S&T’s 2019 Stargazing Safari Tour in Botswana

Join leading amateur astronomer and astronomy author Stephen James O’Meara for an unforgettable experience in the heart of southern Africa. Undertake daytime safaris to see lions, elephants, hippos — all the large, charismatic wildlife you’d expect from a classic African safari — and at night view the incomparable Southern Sky, including the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, Tarantula Nebula, and other celestial wonders rarely or never seen in the North.

Our travel partner on this exciting tour — now in its second year — is Yoga Safari, based in Maun, Botswana. Together we'll explore the Dinaka Private Reserve in the Kalahari Desert, Shinde in the Okavango Delta, and Savute in Chobe National Park, plus take an optional 2-night, pre-safari trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe!

Want to know more? View our itinerary.

Iceland and the Northern Lights, September 2019

The Northern Lights over Iceland /

Join Sky & Telescope and Spears Travel for our sixth iteration of this highly popular one-week tour of Iceland — and the chance to see the Northern Lights! With S&T and Spears tour leaders, plus a highly knowledgeable, English-speaking Icelandic guide, we’ll explore this fascinating island’s unique culture and geology during the day. Each night we’ll then venture into dark areas away from city lights to seek out Iceland's breathtaking aurora borealis. The subtly colored, ever-changing aurorae are a truly awe-inspiring spectacle not to be missed.

For full details and a link to book the tour, see our itinerary.

Australian Observatories, October 2019

Creating traditional Aboriginal art in Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park / Tourism Australia

Join Sky & Telescope Editor in Chief Peter Tyson and leading Australian astronomer, guide, and author Fred Watson on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Australia. You'll visit top observatories like Siding Spring and Parkes, home of "The Dish," a 64-meter radio telescope made famous by the 2000 movie of the same name. You'll tour historic parts of Sydney, hike in the stunning Blue Mountains, enjoy wine-tasting in Mudgee, and stargaze in the incredible dark southern skies of Southeast Australia, among many other activities.

Our travel partner for this tour is Sydney-based Travel Ogg, which specializes in running astronomy-themed tours but has wide experience orchestrating general tours worldwide. Its owner, Marnie Ogg, veteran of travel to over 75 countries, will be in day-to-day charge of our tour. Note there are two exciting optional extensions: a pre-extension to the Great Barrier Reef and a post-extension to Uluru, or Ayers Rock.

For full details and a link to book the tour, see our itinerary.

Cruise Adventure: Totality and Antarctica, December 2020

Cruising through Antarctica

Our cruise ship will spend four days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula's Danco Coast, Palmer Archipelago, and Antarctic Sound.

It's not too early to start thinking about where you'll go to experience the total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020. If you're a "go big or go home" kind of traveler, then you'll want to check out Sky & Telescope's 23-day cruise expedition — a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in an outdoor adventure that only South America and Antarctica offer.

During our cruise, you’ll gaze on Chilean fjords and glaciers, make an iconic passage around rugged Cape Horn, and sail the legendary Drake Passage. Drink in four days of Antarctic beauty, maneuvering amid the continent's waters and icebergs. While at sea, you'll have exclusive classes on solar and planetary science, oceanography, and space exploration led by a team of world-renowned experts. Then, while enjoying the comfort — and mobility — of our ship, you’ll revel in seeing totality for an estimated 2m 7s off the coast of Argentina.

Pricing for this cruise (including an optional late boarding in Ushuaia, Argentina) has not been finalized. But you can still reserve your space now for this incredible adventure. Get more information here!